1. When will my order ship?

Once your order is complete (submitted, paid for, and any questions resolved--SEE ITEM 2 BELOW), we ship it by the next business day. Orders received Friday and Saturday will ship the following Monday. We do not ship on weekends or holidays.

Exception: Occasionally, if one or more of the items ordered are temporarily backordered, and we are expecting to receive that item within a few days, we may delay shipping the order until it is complete. Generally, however, we will ship a partial order and send the backordered item separately when we receive it. If you do not wish your order held up until it is complete, please let us know, either in the Special Instructions section of the check-out screen, or by subsequent e-mail to

2. When is my order complete?

Orders are complete once submitted, paid for, and all questions resolved. The type of question most typically requiring further resolution pertains to size or color preferences. Please review your order confirmation carefully. If size or color preference is not specified there, please e-mail us immediately at with that information to minimize delays. Credit card orders are considered paid for immediately. Paypal orders are considered paid for once your Paypal payment is received (or, in some cases, when an eCheck payment clears). Orders paid by check or money order are considered paid for when the money order is received, or when your personal check clears.

3. How much do you charge for shipping?

48 Contiguous United States: Shipping charges are computed by the system, based on which items you are ordering (heavier, or bulkier items are charged at a higher rate than lighter items). Upon check-out, the final screen BEFORE you confirm your order will indicate the shipping charge. The minimum Standard Shipping charge is $7.95. The minimum Premium Shipping charge is $18.95.

Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories and International: Shipping charges to Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories and International locations are based on actual costs incurred. In all but a few instances, the shipping charges computed by the system are below the actual shipping charges to such locations. Therefore, customers from these locations will be assessed an additional shipping charge just prior to shipping. For credit card orders, this additional shipping charge will be billed to your credit card. For Paypal customers, we will send a payment request for the additional shipping charge. Check or money order customers from these locations should contact us for accurate shipping charges before sending payment.

4. What is the difference between Standard Shipping and Premium Shipping?

Although both Standard and Premium Shipped orders are shipped by the next business day (SEE ITEM 1 ABOVE), we make an effort to ship Premium Shipping orders the day they are received, especially if they are received on a Friday. Premium Shipping orders will take no more than 2 days to reach the recipient after they are shipped. If there is an absolute deadline for receipt of your order, please indicate that in the Special Instructions field of the check out screen, or contact us to let us know. We will then ensure that your order is received by your deadline, or let you know if that is impossible.

Exception for International Customers. Premium Shipping to international destinations is via US Postal Service International Priority Mail. The guideline for USPS Priority Mail delivery is 4-7 days. However, since there is a reliance on foreign mail services, this is not guaranteed, and actual shipping may take up to several days longer than projected.

 5. What carriers do you use?

Our two primary carriers are U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and United Parcel Service (UPS).

6. How long should it take for my order to arrive?

In most cases, your order will ship on the next business day (SEE ITEM 1 ABOVE). To calculate shipping times, please use the map below (estimated times), or visit the UPS Worldwide Delivery Times website (use originating zip code 90405). In estimating delivery time from the map below, please be aware that weekends and holidays do not count as transit days, and keep in mind that these are just estimates, not guaranteed delivery times.