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The Holly Wand From the Lumos Collection
Description: (Also known as "Harry's" wand). The Lumos Collection represents the top of the line, hand-crafted wooden wands from Phoenix Wands. Phoenix has been making high quality wands since 426 BC. Its wands have been used by some of the world's most famous witches and wizards.The Holly "Boy Wizard" Wand is made from one of the eternal trees in the bleeding forest. At its core is the very rare feather of a phoenix. This wand will select a witch or wizard based on a variety of traits which include, among others, boldness, impulsiveness, and integrity. Wand measures 13 inches. NOTE: Although some wands may be pictured in velvet or wooden boxes, those boxes are sold separately. Wand includes a velvet pouch.
Price:  $35.00
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